Managing Customers Relationships

If you have ever gone into a shop and the salesperson greeted you by name and seemed to know exactly what you were looking for you’ve experienced customer relationship management first hand.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a multibillion dollar business and if it didn’t help companies increase their revenues it wouldn’t be even a multimillion dollar business.  People are exposed to CRM constantly, especially when they surf the Internet.  Cookies, not the Oreo variety, but the little text files that get stored on your computer whenever you visit certain websites, are the online form of CRM.  They store information concerning the users’ preferences and previous shopping lists and send that information back to the web server when the customer goes back to that site.  The web server receiving the cookie can then create a web page geared specifically to that user. 

How can a CRM solution help your business? 

A CRM program can act keep a record of your customers; what they’ve purchased in the past, when you last contacted them and what you discussed, and when you need to contact them in the future.  It can also help you create custom forms and reports to more effectively interact with prospects and customers.  One of the most widely recognized and perhaps the most useful CRM programs designed for the small business owner is Act! from Sage Software.  Act! was designed for small business and integrates well with your other programs such as Microsoft office.

Although it is possible to learn how to use ACT! to meet the needs of your particular business it is advisable to bring in a consultant such as K & K Business Solutions to customize the program to suit your needs and train your staff.