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Today's homes have numerous technologies and means of communications, all requiring wiring or cabling of one fashion or another. An automated home gives the homeowner the ability to access a wide range of technologies by plugging into any dedicated high speed broadband port in the house.

There are several reasons to install structured wiring in your home.

  • Increases the value of your home.
  • You have the ability to share all of your audio and video devices from any room in the house.
  • All of your homes computers, peripherals and home entertainment devices can communicate with one another.
  • All of your PC's can share a single high-speed Cable or DSL Modem.
  • Saves you money by allowing faster adaptation to technology changes!
  • Saves you money by not having to purchase multiple video and computer components!

The Elements:

1) DISTRIBUTION PANEL: The Distribution panel is where all your wires and cables terminate.
Having them all in a centralized location makes it easy to route services to the desired ports in other rooms in the house.

2) HIGH QUALITY WIRING- As technology increases so does the need for faster data movement. We only use the highest quality wires, cables, connectors, and jacks.

3) MULTI-OPTION JACKS: Outlets in each room can be configured exactly to your liking. Faceplates can have any combination of phone jacks, high speed network or Internet jacks, stereo jacks, fiber optic jacks, RCA jacks, COAX (cable TV), HDTV, or security camera jacks.

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